Boy George's 5 Favourite Works on Frieze Viewing Room

From photorealistic painting by Wilhelm Sasnal to a portrait by Amoako Boafo, the renowned musician and artist shares his top picks from the Frieze Los Angeles 2022 edition

in Frieze Los Angeles , News | 15 FEB 22

Including artworks for mediation and colourful canvases 'straight from the mind of a Gemini', Boy George – singer-songwriter, artist and legendary pop icon – shares his top picks from Frieze Viewing Room

Tony Lewis 

Presented by Blum & Poe 

?, 2020

Like a Gemini mind.   

Colorful yet understated.   

Contemplative drama if there’s such a thing. 


Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis,?, 2020. Pencil and colored pencil on paper, 75.51" x 100.51" x 0.98". Courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe.

Hannah Collins 

120 Years Ago Today, 2021 

Presented by Maureen Paley 

I could stare at this picture and meditate because it says a lot without saying too much. 

I guess it’s the black hole or one of the holes. 

Hannah Collins
Hannah Collins, 120 years ago today, 2021. Silver gelatin print, 24.33" x 19.61" x 1.18". Courtesy of the artist and Maureen Paley.


Wilhelm Sasnal 

Untitled, 2021

Presented by Sadie Coles HQ 

God Is 

This picture has a kind of simplicity and a stillness that contradicts what’s happening. 

I remember this incident so well.   

It’s hard not to look at this picture.   

Art should make you think and feel and this does both. 

Wilhelm Sasnal
Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2021. Oil on canvas, 47.24" x 47.24". Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ.


Duggie Fields 

Red Door, 2015

Presented by The Modern Institute 

I love the optimism of this picture and I can see someone in huge platform boots marching up the lightning bolt path.   

Probably Duggie arm in arm with Zandra Rhodes.   

I think some people put the magic of who they are into their work. 

Duggie Fields
Duggie Fields, Red Door, 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 72" x 96.5".  Courtesy of the artist and The Modern Institute. 


Amoako Boafo 

Roberts Projects 

At first I didn’t see the white jacket but then I did and became obsessed with it.   

It feels very fashion.   

The dream of the white jacket.   

But you always go back to that face.   

Such a strong face

Amoako Boafo
Amoako Boafo, Tilted Head (White Shirt), 2021. Oil on canvas 40" x 30". Courtesy of the artist and Roberts Projects.


About Boy George

Born George O'Dowd in 1961, Boy George rose to fame as the lead singer of the iconic band Culture Club. They achieved seven UK Top 10 singles, nine Top 10 singles in the USA, and nine Top 20 singles in Australia - including ‘Karma Chameleon’ and ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me’, and have sold over 100 million singles and 50 million albums. George launched his art career in Monaco in November 2019, with a solo show, which is now set to tour the world in 2022. Boy George has also announced the launch of an NFT collection titled CryptoQueenz, which has been created to mark the release of seven new songs. 

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Main image: Detail, portrait of Boy George, Dean Stockings for House of White Noise