in Frieze | 24 SEP 15

Collections 2015

This new section will introduce various types of work, from ancient Egyptian carvings to Japanese netsuke

in Frieze | 24 SEP 15

Bazaart, Collections section, Frieze Masters 2015 

The new feature section, Collections, curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal, will introduce various types of work to the fair, from an impressive selection of Japanese netsuke (Sydney Moss, London); to a 40-piece display of Italian maiolica from the 15th to 17th centuries (Bazaart, London). It will also include a collection of rare wooden Egyptian sculpture, including an exceptional large statue from the Fifth Dynasty (2500-2400 BC) (Sycomore Ancient Art, London).

The curator, Sir Norman Rosenthal, said of the section: ‘Collections will show that it is still possible, with both knowledge and love, to put together outstanding collections of art that demonstrate the highest level of creativity in all different periods of history.’