in Frieze | 16 JAN 19

Creative enterprises on the backlot at Frieze Los Angeles

Creative enterprises joining Frieze Los Angeles range from A-Z West to andSons chocolatiers

in Frieze | 16 JAN 19


With talks, artist projects and other activities, the backlot at Frieze Los Angeles will encourage visitors to imagine a city where art is at the center of civic life.

Frieze has invited some of the city’s most important non-profit spaces to participate in the fair including: Acid-FreeandSons, Pretend Plants & FlowersArtbook BookstoreArtists 4 DemocracyA-Z WestHigh Desert Test Sitesre.laWomen’s Center for Creative Work


andSons, Pretend Plants & Flowers

Artbook Bookstore

Voter registration table at the Take Back the House fundraiser at Ghebaly Gallery. Photo: Lynne Berman

Artists 4 Democracy

A-Z West

High Desert Test Sites

Women’s Center for Creative Work

To buy a ticket to Frieze Los Angeles, please click on the link below.