Frieze 91 Special: An Interview with Director of Frieze Masters, Nathan Clements-Gillespie

in Frieze Masters , Interviews | 27 SEP 23

In 5 words or less how would you describe the London art scene and community?

Vibrant, international, and thought-provoking. 

What song gets you in a London mood?

Anything by the Rolling Stones.

Dinner with a collector, where do you go?


Best kept secret in London?

Chelsea Physics Garden.

What is your favorite museum restaurant?

The Portrait at the newly reopened National Portrait Gallery.

Favorite spot for coffee?


What exhibition have you not managed to make it too yet?

Lisetta Carmi at Estorick.

5 new artists in the city to watch?

Minh Lan Tran, Lavinia Harrington, Helena Foster, Nicholas Cheveldave, Soft Baroque.