in Frieze New York | 06 MAY 22

Frieze 91 x Alison Chi: The Wristband Project

A new design commission launching at Frieze New York to celebrate local and emerging creative talent

in Frieze New York | 06 MAY 22

In celebration of ten years of Frieze New York, Frieze 91 – the recently launched members community – announces a new project to celebrate local and emerging creative talent. The Wristband Project collaborates with local designers, to create a band for each edition of the fair, which is unique to the city.

For the 2022 edition of Frieze New York (May 19–22), New York-based designer, Alison Chi has collaborated with Frieze 91 on its inaugural wristband.

Everyone at the fair will receive the Wristband, on proving their Covid vaccination status.

Alison Chi on the Project

Tell us about the design
Alison Chi: It is about being a constant work in progress. The interlocking circles on the band represents the infinity of possibilities that surrounds us, that when elements come together, they transform. It is continuous and connected, without beginning or ending, but in harmony. A symbol of togetherness. 

The starry moonlit sky is about taking a moment to reflect, Now more than ever, I think many people have been heads down, just moving forward in daily life. (I know I have!). So, I wanted to remind myself to look up, celebrate yourself, celebrate your friends and the remarkable life that we all live.

Why was this Frieze 91 initiative important to you? 
AC: In my life I’ve learned from world-renowned designers, artists and hospitality professionals – truly extraordinary individuals who have taught me that their careers are a vocation. It is about having passion and commitment to a culture, a way of living life that brings people together to create, together. 

When I was invited to join the Frieze 91 committee, I recognized the program as an amazing opportunity for conversation at the highest level, and to enable people to truly get to know one another a little better. Reflecting today, I am humbled by so much that I have yet to learn, and whether in the worlds of interiors, art, design, fashion, music, hospitality – or perhaps it's the one world of all culture – I am excited for the opportunity to take part in the conversation.

What does it mean to be a contemporary designer in New York?
AC: I am a bit of an unconventional designer. I have an education in liberal arts and an interest in hospitality and real estate development. From as early as I can remember, I have taken some part of the interior design development process, from gluing material boards to being on site for installation. Being a designer in New York City is like living out your favorite book. It’s a grand project and I am grateful for the support that I have in my life and I want to do whatever I can to help people achieve. 

Alison Chi
Alison Chi

About Alison Chi
Alison Chi is Creative Director of tonychi studios, and is based in New York and Los Angeles. Upholding the thoughtful discipline that has positioned renowned tonychi studios as a heritage design house, while continuing to cultivate bold creative visions, Alison drives her team to operate holistically, as a collective at the forefront of their disciplines and fields.

About Frieze 91
We invite everyone at the fair to join Frieze 91 and be a part of projects that hope to bring communities closer to art and contemporary culture. Click below for additional information on Frieze 91's year-round global programme. 

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