in Frieze | 14 FEB 20

Frieze Projects Los Angeles 2020

16 artists including Tania Candiani, Barbara Kasten, Vincent Ramos, Gabriella Sanchez, and Gary Simmons present new commissions and landmark works in the iconic Paramount backlot

in Frieze | 14 FEB 20

Frieze Projects 2020 is co-curated by Rita Gonzalez (Terri and Michael Smooke Curator and Department Head of Contemporary Art, LACMA) and Pilar Tompkins Rivas (Director, Vincent Price Art Museum).

For the second edition of Frieze Projects, many of the works draw on the political context within which we are operating today. Latinx and Latin American art and histories are put into focus with projects by Tania Candiani and Gabriella Sanchez, while works by Gary Simmons and Lorna Simpson touch on themes of visibility, identity and self-fashioning in relation to the African American experience. Another idea was to bring in artists, such as Vincent Ramos and Channing Hansen to work within the archive and legacy of Paramount Pictures Studios, deepening the program’s conversation with its filmset location. -Gonzalez and Tompkins Rivas

Responding to the curious context of a New York City filmset built in the heart of Hollywood, Frieze Projects 2020 features installations, performances, sculpture and videos exploring themes of representation, identity and myth.

Artists presenting new works include: Will Boone, Tania Candiani, Sayre Gomez, Channing Hansen, Vincent Ramos, Gabriella Sanchez, Gary Simmons, Lorna Simpson, Tavares Strachan, Mungo Thomson and Mario García Torres. Other featured artists include: Patrisse Cullors, Jonathas de Andrade, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Barbara Kasten and Naama Tsabar.

Frieze Projects is an anchor program of Frieze Los Angeles that takes place February 14 – 16, 2020 at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, bringing together more than 70 of the world's most significant and forward-thinking galleries. Projects can be explored alongside an artist-led street fair with pop-ups from creative enterprises, film screenings, talks, and LA’s best restaurants including Sqrl, Roberta’s Pizza, Umi by Hamasaku and more, all in the iconic filmset backlot.

Gabriella Sanchez, Homme or Homes, Acrylic and archival pigment prints on canvas, 48 x 36 in, 2019. Courtesy of Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

Frieze Projects: Full Program

Will Boone (b. 1983, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA)
Presented by Karma and David Kordansky Gallery
A series of bronze sculptures reconfiguring metal die-cast toys to create new narratives and associations, while evoking a sense of nostalgia. Find out more.

Tania Candiani (b. 1974, Mexico, lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico)
Presented by Instituto de Visión
A performative installation exploring technology and labor, drawing correlations between the forced work of Japanese Americans incarcerated in concentration camps in California during WWII and current migrant detentions camps along the US/Mexico border. Find out more.

Patrisse Cullors (b. 1983, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA)
Presented by ltd Los Angeles
A collective performance which uses dance as a restorative act to reclaim time, space and emotional energy. Find out more.

Jonathas de Andrade (b. 1982, Brazil, lives and works in Recife, Brazil)
Presented by Vermelho
A video work taking an intimate look inside people’s wallets and their contents, providing a broad portrayal of people living in Brazil across gender, race and class. Find out more.

Sayre Gomez (b. 1982, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA)
Presented by François Ghebaly
A new sculpture of a palm tree cell phone tower, shining light on the ways in which Hollywood’s stagecraft has spread to urban planning. Find out more.
 Channing Hansen (b. 1972, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA
Presented by Marc Selwyn Fine Art
A site-specific, fiber-based installation with a durational performance drawing inspiration from both Duchamp and episodes of Star Trek. Find out more.

Jibade-Khalil Huffman (b. 1981, USA, lives and works Philadelphia, USA)
Presented by Anat Ebgi
Huffman’s first outdoor sculpture appropriates elements of cinematic visual culture and pays homage to Grace Jones in A View to a Kill. Find out more.

Barbara Kasten (b. 1936, USA, lives and works in Chicago, USA)
Presented by Hannah Hoffman and Bortolami
Kasten gives a new life to Intervention, a sculptural installation that evokes the backdrops of pictorial and filmic production while echoing the Bauhaus and Constructivism. Find out more.

Vincent Ramos (b. 1973, USA, lives and works in Venice, USA)
A site-specific installation investigating both the absence and presence of the Mexican and Mexican-American / Chicano experience within Hollywood film production, specifically through the movies produced by the fair’s host, Paramount Pictures. Find out more.

Gabriella Sanchez (b. 1988, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA)
Presented by Charlie James Gallery
Playing with language and imagery, Sanchez’s banner and other pieces engaging with signage on the backlot, reference Chicanx and barrio culture, notions of masculinity, and layered meanings through text. Find out more

Gary Simmons (b. 1964, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA)
Presented by Regen Projects and Metro Pictures
A restaging of the artist’s historic work Backdrop Project first shown at Metro Pictures, New York in 1993. By taking Polaroids of passers-by and offering a copy to his subjects, Simmons explored the power of self-fashioning and authorship. Find out more.

Lorna Simpson (b. 1960, USA, lives and works in New York, USA)
Presented by Hauser & Wirth
Simpson collaborates with a group of African American ballet dancers on a two-channel video, addressing issues of gender, identity, memory and representation. Find out more.

Tavares Strachan (b. 1979, The Bahamas, lives and works in New York, USA)
Presented by AF Projects
A neon sculpture exposing the power of Hollywood’s constructed narratives in our contemporary life, while resonating with timely political issues. Find out more.

Mungo Thomson (b. 1969, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA)
Presented by Frank Elbaz
New bronze sculptures patterned on Amazon boxes underline the contrast between monumentality and ephemerality. Find out more.

Mario García Torres (b. 1975, Mexico, lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico)
Presented by Galleria Franco Noero
A video and installation weaving together a 1981 incident in which Muhammad Ali talked a suicidal jumper off the ledge of a building in LA with the 1983 hit Jump by Van Halen. Find out more.

Naama Tsabar (b. 1982, Israel, lives and works in New York, USA)
Presented by Shulamit Nazarian
A performative installation with related photographs that co-opts and upends the guitar solo through a conjoining and doubling. Using two guitars grafted together, Tsabar and a partner turn the performative gesture into an act based on intimacy and cooperation. Find out more.

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