in Frieze | 20 SEP 17

Frieze Talks 2017

Talks and performances at Frieze London exploring art in an age of 'alternative facts', curated by Ralph Rugoff

in Frieze | 20 SEP 17

Curated for the first time by Ralph Rugoff (Hayward Gallery, London), leading artists, musicians and cultural commentators will explore  how – in an age of ‘alternative facts’ – art’s capacity to beguile, disorientate and disrupt conventional notions of ‘the real’ can take on new meanings. Watch Rugoff discuss the programme and its aims in our exclusive video.

Thursday 5th October

Penny Slinger, 2016. Photograph: Dhiren Dasu

  • Thursday 5 October at 12:30pm: ‘Alt-Feminisms’, a panel chaired by curator Alison M. Gingeras and including artists Renate Bertlmann, Cosey Fanni TuttiMarilyn Minter and Penny Slinger
  • Thursday 5 October at 4:30pm‘Screen Life/Real Life’, addressing the representation of 'The Curator' between Joerg Heiser and the Modern Museet's Daniel Birnbaum, previewing 2017Palme d’Or-winning film The Square

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, OPERA (QM.15), 2016. Installation view. HD Video, 8 minutes 30 seconds © DACS, 2016. Courtesy: the artist and Esther Schipper, Berlin

Friday 6th October

  • Friday 6 October at 12:320pm‘Alt-Monuments’, a panel that asks how we acknowledge history when it is morally reprehensible in present? Featuring artists Adam Pendleton, Jeremy Deller and Antony Gormley
  • Friday 6 October at 4:30pm‘Letter to One Hundred Viewers’, artists Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Philippe Parreno in conversation

Superflex, 2016. Photograph Jan Søndergaard

Saturday 7th October

Nástio Mosquito and Mx Justin Vivian Bond. Photographs: © Sander Buyck (left), David Kimelman (right)

Sunday 8th October

  • Sunday 8 October at 12:30pm‘Asocial Media’ addresses how, if at all, to productively engage with fake news, Facebook and troll culture - with Angela Nagel, author of the acclaimed recent study Kill All Normies: From 4Chan to Donald Trump and the Alt-Right, and artists Ed Fornieles and Constant Dullaart 
  • Sunday 8 October at 4:30pm: a session of ‘The Singing Lecture’ featuring artist Nástio Mosquito and performer Mx Justin Vivian Bond, described by Hilton Als as ‘the best cabaret artist of their generation’

Frieze Talks take place in the auditorium at Frieze London and admission is included in all fair tickets. Places can be booked from 12pm on the day of each talk.