in Frieze Week Magazine | 15 FEB 19

Frieze Week: Saturday

From talks to pop-up shops, your guide to today’s highlights

in Frieze Week Magazine | 15 FEB 19

Head straight to the New York City backlot to explore Frieze Projects - large-scale and immersive installations by international artists including Paul McCarthy's giant Ketchup bottle, Sarah Cain's painted transformation of a brownstone apartment, and Tino Sehgal's performance.

Grab lunch at pop-ups from some of L.A.'s most talked-about restaurants including Cinqué, Sqirl, Baroo and Roberta's Pizza.

At 2pm at the Sherry Lansing Theater, artist Agnieszka Kurant will bediscussing her work in relation to the evolution of labour, knowledge, creativity, nature and surveillance capitalism with the philosopher and anthropologist Tobias Rees of the Berggruen Institute and pioneering synthetic biologist Drew Endy of Stanford University.

Claire Tabouret, The Swimmer, 2019. Courtesy: Nights Gallery, Los Angeles

In the gallery tent, look out for Night Gallery’s pairing of paintings by Claire Tabouret with furniture by Josh Callaghan, and at Paramount Studios at 3:30pm, Anri Sala will be presenting a special screening of Take Over (L’Internationale) and (La Marseilleise). 

Don’t miss Berlin-based Danish artist Jeppe Hein, known for his interactive sculptures and installations, that combine elements of humour with traditions of minimalism and conceptual art, presenting a solo with König Galerie.

Presented with ForYourArtexplore the neighbourhoods of galleries and museums as well as places to eat and shop in Los Angeles with the free L.A. Walk of Art. Follow one of our twelve self-guided routes including Hollywood Blvd. & Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and Koreatown & MacArthur Park. 

Sondra Perry, Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation, 2016, film still. Courtesy: the artist and Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York

At 5pm, head over to Sherry Lansing Theatre to see filmmaker Cauleen Smith in conversation with artist Sondra Perry. At 6:30pm, artist Stanya Kahn, whose recent solo shows were at The Box at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Missouri, will be in conversation with US Senior Editor, friezeAndew Durbin.

Voter registration table at the Take Back the House fundraiser at Ghebaly Gallery. Courtesy: Lynne Berman

Why not visit Artists 4 Democracy’s pop-up Democracy shop which will stock politically-minded wares from the artistic community including mugs, books, zines, clothing, badges, prints, posters, and other objects.