in Frieze | 23 MAY 22

June Exhibitions at No.9 Cork Street

Opening on 2 June until 18 June 2022, Frieze's Mayfair gallery presents exhibitions by Vadehra Art Gallery (New Delhi), Hymodernity (Digital Platform) and Athr Gallery (Jeddah)

in Frieze | 23 MAY 22

No.9 Cork Street launches its summer programme of exhibitions with solo shows of Dana Awartani and Anju Dodiya, and a group exhibition exploring digital innovations in contemporary art.

Athr Gallery: Dana Awartani, When Fire Loves Water

Abstract composition of circles
Dana Awartani, The Union of Fire and Water II, 2021, Gouache and shell gold on hand made paper, Quadtych; 122 x 61 cm (each). Courtesy the artist and Athr Gallery

A multi-media exhibition of works by Dana Awartani (b. 1987, Saudi-Palestinian) which explores the potential of geometric compositions to chart spiritual journeys and convey contemporary experiences through poetic abstractions. The exhibition is drawn from the title of a series by the artist, taking inspiration from the poetry of Shams Tabrizi, teacher of the prolific Sufi mystic poet Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī. The display shows Awartani’s impressive adherence to tradition, drawn from an almost-primordial wisdom of the past, but is formally wrought with a contemporariness that appeals to the reality of the present moment. Artworks on display include The Union of Fire and Water, which investigates the experience of repetitively drawing a circle as a means of turning inwards; offering a path towards introspective and meditative states of being.


Hymodernity: Canon!  

Digital art riffing on the form of Boccioni's statue 'Unique Forms of Continuity in Space'
Sam Lubicz, On Red I, Digital Painting. Courtesy of the artist

Canon! looks to disrupt the established biases of art, redefining our conceptions of what art might be in the burgeoning age of digital art and accelerated technological development. The group exhibition presents works which explore the possibilities of an ‘evolutionary now’. The artists selected for Canon! were chosen by Hymodernity to reflect the digital art platform’s diverse community, as a celebration of the breadth of artistic creativity and identities. Artists include Petra Cortright, 4FSB, Masha Batsii, Samuel Lubicz and WRLD.SPACE, amongst others. 


Vadehra Art Gallery: Anju Dodiya, The Anatomy of Flame

Painting of woman reading map with atlas and abstract elements
Anju Dodiya, The Map Reader. Courtesy of the Artist and Vadehra Art Gallery

The Anatomy of Flame is a solo body of work by leading Indian contemporary artist Anju Dodiya, featuring her iconic mattresses, along with watercolours and photo-collage works. The artist creates narrative images that exude the emotional theatre of inner worlds. She is particularly concerned with female experience, and her poignant images can be seen as fictionalised self-portaits which speak of shared mythologies and personal truths. Dodiya takes inspiration from traditional miniature paintings, ancient mythologies, European cinema, Japanese Ukio-e prints, poetry and fashion, as well as her own history. Stories of anxiety, artistic and otherwise, run through these emotionally complex works. 


The exhibitions will run from 2 June until 18 June 2022.

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Main image: Anju Dodiya, The Map Reader (detail). Courtesy of the Artist and Vadehra Art Gallery