in Frieze | 28 SEP 16

Meet the Curators: Gregor Muir

Introducing some of the 10 curators working across Frieze London and Frieze Masters

in Frieze | 28 SEP 16

Gregor Muir. Photograph: Yulia Tsezar. Courtesy: ICA, London

Name: Gregor Muir
Based in: London
Last exhibition visited: ‘Collection! Contemporary art in the USSR and Russia, 1950-2000' at the Pompidou in Paris
First impression of Frieze: On the afternoon of the very first fair it felt incredibly strange to leave the office and head to an art fair not in Cologne or Basel, but just around the corner.

What do you do when you’re not at Frieze?
I'm Executive Director of the ICA, London.

What are you working on for the fairs?
For the second year running, I'm working on Frieze Talks with Christy Lange, Associate Editor of frieze. This year, we decided to programme a series of talks dedicated to a single theme. It seemed to us that the world was in such turmoil that we needed to address this somehow, so we chose to take the theme of 'borders' and apply it across a range of different perspectives, including political, social, and personal, as well as the idea of the borderless and limitless expanse of the desert. All of these talks will culminate in a two hour Sunday afternoon summit. The hope being that the ideas that arise from the individual panels might come together to help us address the turbulent and transformative period in which we live.

Celia Hempton, Ji Shu Feng, China, 28th September 2015 (2015). Courtesy: the artist and Southard Reid, London

What else are you looking forward to at the fairs?
For some reason, I always look forward to seeing what Daniel Buchholz has on display. Also interested to see Zhang Peili video work with Boers-Li at Spotlight in Frieze Masters, and Celia Hempton's evolving painting installation at Southard Reid in Focus.

And what else are making time to doing or seeing in London during “Frieze Week”?
The exhibition programme across London at the time of Frieze is always impeccable. I hope to see as many shows as possible during this period, but, for now, I'm going to stick my neck out and encourage people to visit James Richards at the ICA – naturally - Helen Marten at the Serpentine, and new work by Michael Clark Company at the Barbican.

Finally, what are you working on next?
The next big project is my imminent move to Tate, where I shall be working on the international art collection.

Frieze Talks 2016 takes place daily in the auditorium at Frieze London.