in Frieze Masters | 22 JUN 18

Sir Norman Rosenthal Invites Seven First Time Exhibitors

Collections features extraordinary hoards from newcomers Oscar Humphries, Yves Macaux and more

in Frieze Masters | 22 JUN 18


Curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal, the celebrated Collections section continues to bring new types of work and this year features seven galleries who are all new to the fair, highlights include, among others:

  • Mitochu Koeki Gallery will pay homage to a group of pioneering Japanese craftsmen through a presentation of early 20th-century ceramics;
  • AR-PAB, Alvaro Roquette & Pedro Aguiar-Branco’s presentation of Portuguese Colonial Art from the 16th to 18th centuries;
  • Yves Macaux, who will be showcasing designers from the Viennese Wiener Werkstaette movement
  • Brun Fine Art, brings a specialised in prestigious Italian and Continental sculpture, antique furniture, and decorative works of art;
  • Eric Gillis Fine Art, presenting 19th Century drawing painting and sculpture, focuses on European symbolism and the plein-air sketches movement through the century;
  • Peter Harrington, displays items from the 15th-20th centuries, including those carrying unique inscriptions and first editions of critical importance to the worlds or literature, history, travel, science and economics;
  • Oscar Humphries features works highlighting the influence of Japan design on European art and decorative art such as Sevres porcelain made between 1880 - 1915 in the Japonist style.

Main image: Les Enluminures stand at Frieze Masters 2017