in Frieze | 08 JUL 16

Spotlight 2016

Curated by Toby Kamps, Spotlight reveals foundational movements in art through pioneering figures

in Frieze | 08 JUL 16

Spotlight at Frieze Masters features a diverse range of rare and under-recognized bodies of work by 20th-century artists from around the world. Like previous versions, it illuminates important and influential figures from outside European and North American mainstreams in Latin America, Asia and South Asia. This year’s section also shines a special light on women artists, those who challenged or subverted the period’s dominant stylistic and cultural narratives, and brilliant outliers who forged unique and powerful visions.’ - Toby Kamps

Curated for the first time by Toby Kamps (The Menil Collection, Houston), the section at Frieze Masters for solo presentations of 20th-century pioneers will build on its reputation for museum-quality presentations.

The section will feature an international selection of painters, sculptors, and Fibre and Land Artists from India, Western and Eastern Europe as well as the United States who expanded the scope and reach of feminist ideas. It also includes pioneering works in painting, sculpture, drawing, video and social practices by artists from around the world that add new complexity and interest to the stories of modern and contemporary art.

Dóra Maurer, Diplacements I-II, 1974-75, acrilyc, oil, paper, polywood, 100x100 cm each. Courtesy of Vintage Galéria, Budapest

Among the many highlights will be Mrinalini Mukherjee (1949-2015), a key female sculptor from the postwar period who challenged boundaries between art and craft, presented by Jhaveri Contemporary (Mumbai); and little-known bodies of work by international artists and theorists Wolfgang Paalen (1905-1959, with Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco) and Li Yuan-Chia (1929-1994, with Richard Saltoun, London), who used painting and sculpture to reach for new dimensions in visual art and consciousness. 

Galleries and Artists participating in Spotlight 2016

Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco - Terry Fox
Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing - Zhang Peili
Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin - Carol Rama
espaivisor, Valencia - Françoise Janicot
Fleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia - Bill Walton
Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, Basel - Heidi Bucher
Alexander Gray Associates, New York - Joan Semmel
Garth Greenan Gallery, New York - Al Loving
Gallery Hyundai, Seoul - Suh Se Ok
Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai - Mrinalini Mukherjee
Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna - Martha Jungwirth
Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco - Wolfgang Paalen
P420, Bologna - Franco Vaccari
Parafin, London - Michelle Stuart
Galeria Marilia Razuk, São Paulo - José Leonilson
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York - Nancy Grossman
Richard Saltoun, London - Li Yuan-chia
Sicardi Gallery, Houston - Sérvulo Esmeraldo
Vigo, London - Masaaki Yamada
Vintage Galéria, Budapest - Dóra Maurer
Yumiko Chiba Associates, Tokyo - Masafumi Maita

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Mrinalini Mukherjee ( 1949 - 2015 ), Yakshi, 1984, Hemp Fibre. 225 x 105 x 72 cms. Courtesy of Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai.