Andy Battaglia

Andy Battaglia is a writer based in New York, USA. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Wire and The National, among others. He is an organizer/curator of Unsound, a music and arts festival in New York and Kraków, Poland.

The long-running installation for sound and light dates back to a particular period in downtown New York

BY Andy Battaglia | 23 OCT 15

Sculpture, field recordings and the ghosts of dead rappers

BY Andy Battaglia | 01 JUN 15

‘There’s no extracting the concept from the commodity in any of Hoff’s many strands of work’

BY Andy Battaglia | 31 OCT 14

Praised by T.S. Eliot and best friends with Harry Smith, Lionel Ziprin was a mystic and poet whose archive is a source of fascination for many contemporary artists, especially Carol Bove, who now houses it in her New York studio

BY Andy Battaglia | 30 MAY 14

The monumental frequencies of Eleh

BY Andy Battaglia | 11 JAN 13