Carson Chan

Carson Chan is a writer, curator and co-founder of Current, a scholarly collective for architecture history and environment. He is pursuing a PhD in architecture at Princeton University, USA.

Art and the climate share a crucial trait – rapid change. Carson Chan explores how a theory of ‘liquid modernity’ has made new waves in art and asks: What if art institutions acted like water?

BY Carson Chan | 28 JAN 21

Reflections on the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale

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Three new books argue for the interconnectivity of all things

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What’s the future of Berlin’s architecture?

BY Carson Chan | 20 AUG 15

Renzo Piano’s new Whitney Museum

BY Carson Chan | 01 JUN 15

With the publication of his recent five-volume catalogue raisonnée, how does architect Peter Zumthor convey a lifetime’s body of work?

BY Carson Chan | 23 MAY 14