Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox is a writer who lives in London, UK. His book of essays, This Young Monster (2017), is published by Fitzcarraldo Editions. 

Wolf-whistling at fallen angels in Lukas Duwenhögger’s imagined worlds

BY Charlie Fox | 20 FEB 15

Painting on the brink of hysteria

BY Charlie Fox | 17 DEC 14

David Zwirner, London, UK

BY Charlie Fox | 30 OCT 14

Raven Row, London, UK

BY Charlie Fox | 16 SEP 14

Time-travelling with Pablo Bronstein

BY Charlie Fox | 12 AUG 14

In pursuit of Erik Satie

BY Charlie Fox | 29 MAY 14

Buster Keaton’s family vaudeville act

BY Charlie Fox | 13 OCT 13

The oldest known face of a woman

BY Charlie Fox | 30 SEP 13

Oulipo and the re-release of Raymond Queneau’s 1947 Exercises in Style

BY Charlie Fox | 24 MAY 13

With references to Brian Eno, M.R. James and the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, the pair create an eerie ‘audio essay’ charting a walk from Felixstowe to Sutton Hoo

BY Charlie Fox | 17 MAY 13

The uniquely queer history of Matmos is a sprawling carnival with perverse interludes, bizarre objects and guest appearances

BY Charlie Fox | 12 MAR 13

How writers and filmmakers have responded to that most melancholy of colours

BY Charlie Fox | 11 JAN 13