Daniel Horn

Daniel Horn is a critic living in Berlin and Zurich. 

Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland

BY Daniel Horn | 21 AUG 17

A work-in-progress about the complex world of the Bedouins

BY Daniel Horn | 12 OCT 13

The Look and the Now

BY Daniel Horn | 26 MAY 13

Galerie Meyer Kainer

BY Daniel Horn | 04 AUG 12

‘You Killed Me First: The Cinema of Transgression’ at the Kunst-Werke in Berlin, is a first-time museum presentation devoted to a group of New York underground filmmakers of the 1980s. To this end the institution has painstakingly converted its exhibition spaces into a kind of über-gritty dungeon, vying, it seems, to deliver as authentic a backdrop as curatorially feasible to present 18 films for a strictly 18+ audience. The theme park-like recreation of the once sketchy, run-down Lower East Side featured touching details like professionally executed out-of-control smudges of black paint covering all windows, minutely stopped short from spilling over to the walls.

BY Daniel Horn | 06 APR 12

Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany

BY Daniel Horn | 10 NOV 11