Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen is a writer and critic based in Berlin.

What can artists learn from writers?

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 JAN 12

Is there a difference between digital reproduction and manipulation?

BY Jennifer Allen | 12 NOV 11

The end of film photography and the rise of digital photography have led to new genres, methods and histories.An overview of a dying and a thriving medium

BY Jennifer Allen | 11 NOV 11

Narcissism is back in fashion

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 NOV 11

Should artists join arguments about national belonging?

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 OCT 11

How memory has changed

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 SEP 11

On the art of being truly site-specific

BY Jennifer Allen | 11 AUG 11

Daniel Spoerri used found objects to explore a citys history in Le Musée sentimental. On the 30th anniversary of Le Musée sentimental de Prusse in Berlin, frieze d/e asks four artists Aleksandra Mir, Manfred Pernice, Gitte Schäfer and Danh Vo to explain their approach to the found object

BY Jennifer Allen | 07 AUG 11

Galerie Hubert Winter

BY Jennifer Allen | 20 JUL 11

On his 100th birthday, a reappraisal of Marshall McLuhan’s prophecies

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 JUN 11

The problems of storing art

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 MAY 11

Does the art world still have a centre?

BY Jennifer Allen | 28 APR 11

Searching in the archives, Susanne Kriemann finds a new life for photography

BY Jennifer Allen | 27 APR 11

Städtische Galerie Dresden

BY Jennifer Allen | 27 APR 11

The hype around Berlin as a magnet for artists from all over the world has been discussed for years. But how do artists  as residents, citizens and German citizens  relate to the city? A roundtable discussion, led by Jennifer Allen and Jörg Heiser with Maja Bajevic, Carson Chan, Annika Eriksson and Olaf Nicolai

BY Jennifer Allen | 27 APR 11

Berlin’s search for a kunsthalle

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 JAN 11

The dematerialization of the moving image

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 OCT 10

How we’re getting used to the view from above

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 JUN 10

Snow White, architecture and intolerance

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 MAY 10