Jonathan P. Watts

Jonathan P. Watts is a contemporary art critic based in Norwich, UK.

Șișhane Otopark, Istanbul, Turkey

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 17 FEB 15

Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, UK

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 15 DEC 14

Modern Art Oxford, UK

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 30 OCT 14

The spaces between rumour, information and circulation

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 16 JUN 13

Inevitably, some critic or other, whether writing about Venice’s art or architecture biennales, ‘reveals’ the enterprise’s imperial trappings. Among reading I took for the journey to this year’s Architecture Biennale was the September–October 1990 edition of artscribe. For weeks I had meant to read an interview it contained with Derek Jarman but, coincidently, the issue also featured a review of that year’s Biennale by Jan Avgikos titled ‘The Dangers of Tourism’. What had I let myself in for?

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 13 DEC 12