Laura Robertson

Laura Robertson is an arts editor and writer based in Liverpool. She is co-founder of thedoublenegative.co.uk.

Following Arts Council England's recent National Portfolio Organization announcement, Laura Robertson investigates the state of English arts funding

BY Laura Robertson | 15 NOV 22

We select seven highlights from the biannual programme of events

BY Laura Robertson | 04 JUL 19

Gaming tools allowed audiences to wander through natural landscapes as stages for environmental activism or psychological thrillers, at Sonica 2017

BY Laura Robertson | 15 NOV 17

Modern Art Oxford and Tate Liverpool, UK

BY Laura Robertson | 30 AUG 17

Theaster Gates & The Black Monks of Mississippi’s latest project for IHME Festival, Helsinki

BY Laura Robertson | 24 APR 17

A report from the culmination of Suzanne Lacy’s 18-month project at Brierfield Mill, Lancashire

BY Laura Robertson | 05 OCT 16