Robert Glück

Robert Glück is a poet, fiction writer and editor. He founded the New Narrative movement in San Francisco with Bruce Boone and other writers. His poetry collections include Reader(1989) and La Fontaine (1981), a collaboration with Boone. His fiction includes the short story collection Denny Smith (2004) and the novels Jack the Modernist (1985) and Margery Kempe (1994). He lives in San Francisco, USA.

The novelist and poet Robert Glück revisits dream journals left by his late partner, the painter Ed Aulerich-Sugai, whose life was cut short by HIV in the early 1990s 

BY Robert Glück | 14 APR 20

His ‘brutalist dollhouses’ invite viewers into the void ‘in the friendliest manner’ 

BY Robert Glück | 04 OCT 19