Digital Event - Project 88: A Conversation between Artist Sandeep Mukherjee and Curator Diana Campbell Betancourt

Virtual Studio Visit

11th October 2020
4:30pm - 5:30pm BST

A virtual studio visit and conversation between Indian born, LA based artist, Sandeep Mukherjee and curator Diana Campbell Betancourt. Mukherjee works in painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, the work has been process oriented and improvisational. 

This virtual event will dive into the narrative of Mukherjee’s process of creating and explore its particular relationship to imaging movement and its effects on the experience of time/s.  Movement is considered an aspect of migration and as a fundamental capacity of corporeal experience and image is considered as a slice of moving matter that emphasizes a particular aspect of that flow.

Please note that this event has now passed.

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Via Zoom

Image Caption: Sandeep Mukherjee, Sandeep Mukherjee's Studio at Claremont, California, 2020, Image courtesy of the artist