Alia Farid, Research image (2023). Commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery, London. Courtesy of the artist.

Frieze 91 London: Opening of Alia Farid, Elsewhere

November 2023
London, United Kingdom

This will be Kuwaiti-Puerto Rican artist Alia Farid’s first exhibition in the UK. Working in film and sculpture, Farid gives visibility to less commonly recognised histories, often diminished by Western hegemony. Underpinning Farid’s practice is an ongoing research project that maps Arab and South Asian migrations to Latin America and the Caribbean. A growing material archive that traces these movements, and the subsequent adaptations of architectural styles, ornamentation, rituals and other social devices, forms the basis of Farid’s ambitious commission at Chisenhale Gallery. Much like her own heritage, Farid’s exhibition will bring seemingly disparate sites in relation to each other, creating a trans-regionalism that challenges national boundaries.

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