Large Bowl with Abstract Peacock Motif, Nishapur, Eastern Iran, 10th -11th century AD
Man Ray
Photograph of The Maharaja of Indore, Paris, circa 1930
Eckart Muthesius
The Maharaja's Living Room at Manik Bagh Palace, Indore, India, Circa 1929
An Imperial Mughal Velvet Panel, Mughal, India, Circa 1625-50
Eckart Muthesius
A Large and Important Table with Inset Lighting, Designed for the Banquet Hall of the Manik Bagh Palace of the Maharaja of Indore, Circa 1930.
Marcel Duchamp
Draft Piston, 1914 / 1964
Constantin Brancusi
Femme se regardant dans un miroir, 1909
Peacock Incense Burner, Late 15th/ early 16th century