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Derya Akay
Blue and Green shelf (Death and Money, rags, kids shelf), 2020
Leslie Thornton
Mutton Fat Jade, 1973
Gabi Dao
an alphabet burn scene: debunked bat myths & more/eyelashes unapologetically, 2020
Ezra Gray
Guido, 2020
Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill
Idle Sun Chair, 2017
Tiziana La Melia
Kletic Kink Notes, 2020
Douglas Watt
Pool (Osmosis), 2020
Anne Low
women workers could be found on the medieval construction site, 2016-2017
Ursula Mayer
After Bauhaus Archive: Unknown Student in Marcel Breuer Chair, 2006
geetha thurairajah
GRIT III, 2020
Tristan Unrau
Doggy Dog Afternoon, 2018