In Person Membership FAQs

Activating your Fair Ticket and Tour Access  


How do I book my fair ticket if I am an In Person member? 

In the coming weeks, a link will appear on your membership dashboard to select your entry time to the fair. We will let you know when this is ready, so that you can Sign in and book your visit.  

As an In Person member, can I attend more than one fair throughout the year?  

No, you are purchasing access to one edition of the Frieze fairs, in the city of your choice. For example, if you purchased In Person membership for Frieze London and Masters, you will need to book a separate ticket for Frieze New York.  

Existing In Person members receive a discount on tickets to fairs in other cities. 

Am I allowed multiple entries to the Fairs as a member?  

You must enter the Fair at the time of entry on your booking confirmation. Entry is for one time only, unless you are an In Person Seoul member.

In Person Seoul members can access the fair on multiple days.

How do I book on to the guided tour if I am an In Person member?  

We will send you a booking link in the coming weeks to choose your tour entry time. Please ensure the time of your tour is after the timed entry on your main Fair ticket. Booking is made on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be done in advance of attending the fair. 

I have bought a Dual In Person membership, how does my +1 activate their membership?  

Please contact and we will provide a link for you to supply details of your secondary recipient. 


Benefits of In Person membership  


What are the benefits of being an In Person member?  

Preview access to one edition of the Frieze fairs, in the city of your choice, as well as a members-only guided tour, 8 issues of frieze magazine and unlimited access to 

I’m an existing Frieze member (In Depth or In Print) how do I become an In Person member? 

Please contact if you wish to upgrade. We will then suspend your existing membership. Your membership will be upgraded to In Person and we will send you a link to complete payment, to activate your new membership 

I’ve already purchased In Person membership, how do I get discounted tickets to other Frieze fairs?  

You should receive an email once we release tickets which contains a discount code. If you did not receive this, please contact us at  

How can I access more than one Frieze fair a year? 

Apply to become a Frieze 91 member. Benefits include VIP preview day access and special services at Frieze art fairs, year-round invitations to exclusive programming and more. Discover more here.  

How do I activate my online account?   

To activate your digital access to please Sign In. You will need to sign in with the email address and password you registered with.   

Does my Frieze membership automatically renew?  

Yes, your membership renews automatically, and payment is taken every 12 months from the date you first signed up to In Person Membership.   

How do I manage my account details?  

You can manage and edit personal information, such as address and credit card details, by logging in to your profile page and going into Account Settings.   

I’ve forgotten the password to my Frieze account   

If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one here

I am experiencing technical issues 

Please contact and we will respond to your query.