Issue 11
October 2023

The question, 'Where is home?' has echoed throughout time and across cultures in various forms. For Frieze, home has long been London. Two decades ago, the inaugural Frieze Art Fair debuted here, establishing itself as an integral part of the art world's fabric. While it has since branched out globally, Frieze has never lost its connection to its origins in The Regent's Park.
It feels apt that this edition of Frieze Masters magazine delves into themes of time, place and belonging. In our inaugural Studio section, renowned curator Sheena Wagstaff collaborates closely with artists Maggi Hambling, Mona Hatoum, Lucia Laguna, Arlene Shechet and Hyun-Sook Song to explore their workspaces and creative processes, providing a glimpse into the places where they experience the greatest sense of artistic freedom and belonging.
Valerie Cassel Oliver takes the helm of our Spotlight section, highlighting artists who, due to factors such as gender, race or geography, may not have received the attention they deserve. She takes us on a journey down the paths that have shaped her curatorial career in Questionnaire. In his third and final year as curator of the Stand Out section, Luke Syson delves into this year's theme: colour, exploring its significance in sculptures and objects throughout ages and cultures, and its ability
to stir instincts and evoke emotions, transcending the constraints of time and space.
In Artists' Artists, South African painter Cinga Samson shares his admiration for the works of Dutch master Jan van Huysum, continuing the vital dialogue between the past and the present that is the soul of Frieze Masters. Lastly, our comprehensive gallery index serves as an essential guide to the fair. I hope this issue offers you as much insight and enjoyment as it has provided me.
Welcome to Frieze Masters 2023!

Nathan Clements-Gillespie
Director of Frieze Masters

From this issue

The curator of Spotlight talks about the influence of David Hammons and Senga Nengudi, her ‘North Star’ James Baldwin and wishing she could have met Augusta Savage

BY Valerie Cassel Oliver |

The South African painter reflects on the mysterious power of the Dutch artist’s Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

BY Cinga Samson |

The curator of Stand Out Luke Syson considers the theme of this year’s section: the story of colour in two millennia of 3D artworks and objects

BY Luke Syson |

The British artist talks about her workspaces in London and Suffolk and how time in the studio is ‘real time’

BY Maggi Hambling |

The sculptor talks about her studio in Kingston, Hudson Valley, USA, and her fascination with the unknowable history of familiar objects

BY Arlene Shechet |

The London-based artist discusses her practice of accumulating drawings and ephemera in her studio and how she has reimagined an object from childhood

BY Mona Hatoum |

The painter speaks about her studio in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and how its shape informs the nature of her work

BY Lucia Laguna |

Renowned for her performative brushstroke paintings, Song reflects on her daily practices in her Hamburg studio and her connection with the surrounding landscape

BY Hyun-Sook Song |