Anna Hulačová and Pavla Malinová: Alien Pollinator

10 - 26 March

hunt kastner from Prague, Czech Republic, presented the works of two Czech artists, Anna Hulačová (b.1984), and Pavla Malinová (b.1985).

'Alien Pollinator' brought together new works by the two artists that are engaged with environmental transformations, proposing a dystopian psycho-folkloric aesthetic. The artists entangled Eastern European mystic traditions, ecology, post-soviet sci-fi visions, the haunted past and future nostalgia. They work to escape the dichotomy of culture and nature, shifting their interests towards eco- feminism and queer ecology to afford a different perspective on the so-called fluid state of political-social transformation, migrations of notions and content of meanings. They present and perceive other-worldly beings (animals, plants, and aliens) as active agents, engaging in the subject not only through their artistic practice but in real life as well.

Pavla Malinová Samos II
Pavla Malinová, Samos II, 2021, oil on canvas, 130 x 100 cm. Image courtesy of hunt kastner
Pavla Malinová Big Hug
Pavla Malinová, Big Hig, 2021, oil on canvas, 145 x 180 cm. Image courtesy of hunt kastner
Anna Hulačová Alien Bee Mask
Anna Hulačová, Alien Bee Mask, 2021, ceramic, 21 x 19 x 11 cm. Image courtesy of hunt kastner
Anna Hulačová Alienbees
Anna Hulačová, Alien Bees, 2021, concrete, pencil on silk. Image courtesy of hunt kastner