Marie Cloquet: You want it darker - We kill the flame

7 - 26 April

Jason Haam, from Seoul, South Korea, was pleased to present 'You want it darker – We kill the flame', a solo exhibition by Belgian-artist Marie Cloquet for Frieze No. 9 Cork Street, London.

The presentation featured 18-large panel works, made specifically for the exhibition. Cloquet created new hybrid landscapes by altering real landscapes which she systematically photographs over periods of time. In this specific body of work, the artist collected images from surrounding volcanoes, and reconstructed these landscapes using collage and watercolour. The visual motif of volcanoes refers to a kind of inevitability of natural destruction, and further emphasises the futility of mankind’s need to control. While demonstrating the helplessness found in the face of Nature, Cloquet also provided a glimpse into the resilience of humanity.

Marie Cloquet
Marie Cloquet, detail of 'Earth, Wind & Fire I', 2022, polymer uvls varnish & natural pigments on dibond, 240 x 148 cm, © Marie Cloquet, Courtesy of the artist, Jason Haam