Matt Carey-Williams: 'Episode I: Bump'

7 - 23 March

Matt Carey-Williams is pleased to present the first group-show Episode of his new curatorial project. Episode I: Bump will run from 7 to 23 March. Exploring the rich diversity of contemporary painting, Bump will spotlight 21 artists based around the world, from London to Seoul, Sydney and New York. A concurrent Scene of works on paper by Bump artists will be on show at 12 Porchester Place, Matt Carey- Williams’ permanent exhibition space in London, also opening on 7 March.

Carey-Williams said: “Bump revels in the texture and nuance of contemporary painting, from the muscular, starry Amazonians of Ana Benaroya, through the bourgeois disquiet of Marc Dennis, to the visceral abstraction of Savannah Marie Harris. Contemplating the past and heralding the future, Bump will serve as a model for future Episodes at different spaces around the world.”

The participating artists in Bump are: Ana Benaroya (b. 1986), Marius Bercea (b. 1979), Sara Birns (b. 1992), Rob and Nick Carter (b. 1968 and 1969), Marc Dennis (b. 1974), Dean Fox (b. 1979), Connor Harrington (b. 1980), Savannah Harris (b. 1999), Haroun Hayward (b. 1983), Rachel Howard (b. 1969), Hettie Inniss (b. 1999), Jessie Mackinson (b. 1985), Jin Meyerson (b. 1972), Antony Micallef (b. 1975), Glen Pudvine (b. 1989), Christian Rex van Minnen (b. 1980), Andrew Sendor (b. 1977), Mathew Weir (b. 1977), James White (b. 1967), Clare Woods (b. 1972), and Flora Yukhnovich (b. 1990).

Ana Benaroya, Tonight You Belong to Me, 2023 (detail), Oil on canvas, 101.6 x 119.4 cm (40 x 47 in.)
Ana Benaroya, Tonight You Belong to Me, 2023 (detail), Oil on canvas, 101.6 x 119.4 cm (40 x 47 in.). Courtesy of the artist and Matt Carey-Williams.