OSL contemporary: Vanessa Baird

10 - 26 November

Oslo-based gallery OSL contemporary presents an exhibition featuring new works by Vanessa Baird, titled 'I Can Get Back Down to the End of the Town and Be Back in Time for Tea'. 

One of the most distinct voices in Norwegian contemporary art, Baird’s work is storytelling of a kind that is both potently provocative and emphatically individual, deducing from a wide range of references from her own lived experiences, as well as from Scandinavian folklore and literature. Whether surreal or narrative, her intense and detailed drawings are often perceived as controversial, regularly commenting on contemporary political and social affairs and observations from personal domestic realities. The show comprises two series of charged creations, made in pastel and watercolour. 


Vanessa Baird, If ever there were an end to a story that had no beginning, ​London 2021. Courtesy of the artists and Drawing Room, London
Vanessa Baird, Untitled, 2020-2021. Courtesy of the artist and OSL contemporary