Proyectos Ultravioleta

7- 23 October 2021

Proyectos Ultravioleta presented a joint exhibition by mother-daughter artists Elisabeth Wild and Vivian Suter.

The presentation saw Suter's characteristically vibrant unstretched canvases hung freely in a way that evokes the lush greenery surrounding her house and studio in Lake Atitlán (Guatemala), alongside a selection of Wild's lapidary collages, composed of magazine cut-outs.

The show was the artists' second joint display in London, after being awarded the Focus Stand Prize for Proyectos Ultravioleta's booth at Frieze London 2016.

Elisabeth Wild and Vivian Suter, La Canícula, 2018. The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada. Image courtesy of the artists, Proyectos Ultravioleta and The Power Plant. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid