Temitayo Ogunbiyi, You will carry dreams, memories, and new beginnings (48 Days), 2023

Presented by Tiwani Contemporary


About the work

You will carry dreams, memories, and new beginnings (48 Days) is a new work by Lagos-based artist, Temitayo Ogunbiyi, composed of grinding stones, tools that have been used for generations to pulverize plants across Nigeria. Each stone will be individually cast from repurposed copper-alloy water-tap and gas-head fittings and etched with words culled from the titles of previous works by the artist. During the opening performance, visitors will be invited to sit down or stand in a circle with the artist. Some will be asked to select a cast and recite a prayer/wish/incantation silently or out loud, then pass the stone to the right and leave the circle, allowing new participants to join. When ready, Ogunbiyi will collect all the stones and thread them together in line. This line of casting stones will remain on view for the duration of Frieze Sculpture. The shape of the line interprets the walking path from Lagos to Oakwood Court, where the artist has frequently stayed during her visits to London and The Regent’s Park. 


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About the artist

Temitayo Ogunbiyi (b. 1984, Rochester, NY) is a Lagos-based artist and curator interested in how commerce, architecture, history and botanical cultures inscribe public and private space. In her practice, Ogunbiyi moves among mediums, forging dialogues between global current events, anthropological histories and botanical cultures. Systems that capture, mediate, and direct the movement of people and matter are recurring subjects of investigation in her practice. Her installation at Frieze Sculpture will coincide with a career retrospective at the Museum Tinguely, Basel (opening 18 October 2023), her participation in the 35th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts (15 September 2023–14 January 2024), her solo exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum (April 2024) and her participation in ‘Lagos, London, Repeat’ at the South London Gallery (5 July–29 August 2023), where she presented a large newly commissioned sculpture and installation.     

Recent exhibitions and projects include: ‘O Quilombismo’, HKW, Berlin (2023); ‘The Company She Keeps’, Tiwani Contemporary, Lagos (2023); and the 12th Berlin Biennale (2022). In 2018, she was a recipient of the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship. 

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