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Our complex relationship to the world's oceans 

BY Amy Sherlock | 16 OCT 17

The remarkable story of Hercules Florence and his pharmacy labels 

BY Amy Sherlock | 27 SEP 17

Influence and innovation in the sculptures of Leonor Antunes

BY Amy Sherlock | 15 SEP 17

The third of our editors’ impressions from Kassel, Amy Sherlock on the works housed in the exhibition’s ‘off-sites’

BY Amy Sherlock | 12 JUN 17

The second in our series of daily reports from Venice, more of the best National Pavilions in the Giardini

BY Amy Sherlock | 10 MAY 17

The final part in a series of our editors’ initial impressions from documenta 14 Athens, Amy Sherlock on the fourth and largest of the main venues

BY Amy Sherlock | 10 APR 17

From the banal to the brutal to the beautiful, the work of the Dutch artist is a reminder to never stop being disobedient

BY Amy Sherlock | 19 MAR 17

The quietly violent works of Alexandra Bircken

BY Amy Sherlock | 15 FEB 17

On the occasion of two UK solo exhibitions, the British artist reflects on the art and events that have shaped her career

BY Lubaina Himid | 03 JAN 17

Amy Sherlock reports from the Power Station of Art, home to the 11th Shanghai Biennale: 'Why Not Ask Again', curated by Raqs Media Collective

09 DEC 16

Hosting and hospitality at the Delfina Foundation

BY Amy Sherlock | 26 NOV 16

The second part of this week’s Culture Digest looking at performative meals: an evening of operatics with Grace Schwindt

BY Amy Sherlock | 23 NOV 16

This week’s Culture Digest focuses on performative meals. First: the Climavore dinners series from Cooking Sections

BY Amy Sherlock | 21 NOV 16

Bruce Haines, Mayfair, London

BY Amy Sherlock | 21 SEP 16

Islands, isolation and the difficulties of reflecting reality 

BY Amy Sherlock | 16 SEP 16

Curator of the Fiorucci Art Trust talks about the recent Volcano Extravaganza on Stromboli and the Trust’s unique way of working

BY Amy Sherlock | 26 JUL 16

Near and far, fact and fiction: highlights from this year's festival

BY Amy Sherlock | 11 JUL 16

A report from the second edition of the Cappadox festival

BY Amy Sherlock | 18 JUN 16

With her Whitechapel show opening today in London, Mary Heilmann talks about studying in California, ‘home arts’ and surfing

BY Amy Sherlock | 08 JUN 16