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The Miami-based philanthropist talks to El Museo's Susanna V Temkin

15 MAY 20

The President of Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo talks to the Executive Director of El Museo del Barrio

15 MAY 20

The artist, featuring in the Diálogos section on Frieze Viewing Room, talks to El Museo's curator Susanna V Temkin

15 MAY 20

El Museo del Barrio's Rodrigo Moura  talks to the gallerist and collector Luisa Strina about the Diálogos section, Latin American and LatinX art

09 MAY 20

The curators from El Museo del Barrio talk about the Latin American and LatinX artists celebrated in this year's section 

09 MAY 20

Themed section led by El Museo del Bario to feature on debut of Frieze Viewing Room (Frieze New York 2020 edition)

19 JAN 20

The Los Angeles-based artist, showing as part of Diálogos, on how his works invite audiences to touch and spill 

03 MAY 19

We present highlights from around the fair and across the city

02 MAY 19

In this series, we hear from those involved in shaping the program Frieze New York 2019

29 APR 19

Ahead of co-curating Diálogos at Frieze New York, Charpenel talk to the Puerto Rican psychiatrist César Reyes about the intertwining of art and cultural inheritance 

BY Patrick Charpenel | 26 APR 19