Frieze London

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A film that champions the shipworm, a tiny marine creature that ate away at the vessels involved in the Atlantic slave trade

Notions of authenticity and performance are questioned in a distortion of the conventional frameworks of narrative cinema

Referencing an iconic moment of frivolity in a time of revolution from art history, Kukama reinterprets a playful act into a critique of the power dynamics at play in contemporary Johannesburg

A deeply personal retrospection on the influence of US foreign policy on the decades-long civil war in Angola  

20 years since the transformative debut Frieze Art Fair, discover a city and a community as vibrant as ever

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

An anthropological narrative of migration seen through a landscape that was frozen during the last ice age but is now jungly and equatorial

Two decades of the fair in moments, according to Cory Arcangel, Steven Cairns, Lubaina Himid, Mike Nelson, Sarah McCrory and others

BY Chris Waywell AND Matthew McLean |

This year’s wide-ranging programme, showing at the ICA and online, ‘offers a thoughtful exploration of contemporary realities, encouraging viewers to engage critically with the world around them’

Originating in an Underground station, Soft Opening is at the forefront of London’s art scene. Its founder Antonia Marsh gives a gallerist’s eye view of the capital

Shoreditch-based Emalin is home to emerging artists with strikingly diverse practices. Its gallery team gives a street-eye view of the capital

Available from October 4 – 18, visitors can preview and acquire significant artworks on our digital platform, with exclusive access to gallery presentations ahead of official opening

Celebrating one year in London, GRIMM Gallery fosters community between artists. Its director gives a gallerist’s eye view of London

The artist has created two poetic prints in aid of Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers

Frieze Week is celebrating the breadth of London’s art landscape with a day and a night of special shows, late openings, private views and parties, across the East and West Ends

Discover the artist’s new commission which uses video and sculptural assemblage to explore the river Thames and themes of migration, colonisation and ecological collapse that weave along its banks

Running concurrently 11–15 October 2023, in The Regent’s Park, London, the fairs bring together emerging and leading galleries spanning 46 countries

This month’s exhibitions explore place and identity, with solo presentations by Canadian painter Wanda Koop and New York-based artist Kenny Rivero, and a group exhibition curated by Tony Albert and Jenn Ellis   

The vibrant and conflicted world of Blackpool: from nostalgic affection for the British seaside to the harrowing toll of the AIDS years on its gay scene

The gallerist has a very particular perspective on London’s artworld from his base in NW10