in Frieze London | 10 OCT 23

Sin Wai Kin, ‘Dreaming the End’

Notions of authenticity and performance are questioned in a distortion of the conventional frameworks of narrative cinema

in Frieze London | 10 OCT 23

Sin Wai Kin   

Dreaming the End   

2023, 21 min 45 sec  

Sin Wai Kin’s Dreaming the End (2023) is a contemplative exploration of fluid narratives and the evolution of human experiences. With a discerning eye, Sin situates viewers in a liminal space where time, references, and locales intermingle, bringing forth both the familiar and the uncanny in an interlocking tapestry of dreamlike narratives and enigmatic characters. This ambitious project borrows and reshapes elements from various cinematic genres, including thriller, noir and fantasy, effectively distorting the conventional frameworks of narrative cinema. The film scrutinizes notions of authenticity and performance, raising pivotal questions about their intersections and boundaries within a narrative framework. Dreaming the End invites viewers to engage with a non-binary consciousness, urging a departure from rigid patterns, thereby fostering a rich and evolving discourse on the mutable nature of reality and fiction.  

About Sin Wai Kin

Sin Wai Kin (b. 1991, Toronto) brings fantasy to life through storytelling in performance, moving image, writing and print. Drawing on experiences of existing between binary categories, their work realises alternate worlds to describe lived experiences of desire, identification and consciousness. 

The artist’s recent film, A Dream of Wholeness in Parts (2021) was nominated for the 2022 Turner Prize and included in the touring exhibition ‘The British Art Show 9’, as well as being screened at the British Film Institute’s 65th London Film Festival. Upcoming solo exhibitions include Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley (2023); Soft Opening, London (2023); MUDAM, Luxembourg (2024); Accelerator, Stockholm (2024). Sin’s work is held in the collections of The British Museum Prints & Drawings; White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney; Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; The Ingram Collection of Modern British Art, UK; Buffalo AKG Art Museum, Buffalo; Sunpride Foundation, Hong Kong and M+ Museum, Hong Kong. 

Sin Wai Kin, Dreaming the End, 2023, 21 min 6 sec. Courtesy the artist, Fondazione Memmo, Rome and Soft Opening, London


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