Frieze Film

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More than 110 of the world’s leading galleries will participate in the fair, with sections for emerging talent and historical art, the Frieze Artist Award commission, Frieze Film, talks and a Frieze Week festival of culture 

A group of teenagers traverse a utopian city, their journey nuanced with poetic texts and motifs borrowed from 19th-century Sicilian fairy tales

A complex surreal tapestry that blurs the boundaries between science fiction, archaeology and youthful spontaneity

With nods to noir and German Expresionism, Strafer’s film is an intriguingly wonky piece of meta-cinema

Workers select 100,000 petals from 10,000 roses to create a generative algorithm in this meditation on nature, beauty and uniqueness

A film that champions the shipworm, a tiny marine creature that ate away at the vessels involved in the Atlantic slave trade

Referencing an iconic moment of frivolity in a time of revolution from art history, Kukama reinterprets a playful act into a critique of the power dynamics at play in contemporary Johannesburg

A deeply personal retrospection on the influence of US foreign policy on the decades-long civil war in Angola  

Notions of authenticity and performance are questioned in a distortion of the conventional frameworks of narrative cinema

An anthropological narrative of migration seen through a landscape that was frozen during the last ice age but is now jungly and equatorial

The vibrant and conflicted world of Blackpool: from nostalgic affection for the British seaside to the harrowing toll of the AIDS years on its gay scene

The deconstruction of cross-generational stories interrogates the foundation of belief systems

An imagined future where you can inject other people’s memories into your own life.

Choreography derived from everyday sounds explores the contemporary visual landscape.

A mythical “insect constellation” prompts a discussion on technological extinction and the boundaries of reality.

A film that explores the geological timeframe of digital devices past their intended shelf life.

A video poem based on an unreliable reconstruction of a place that may or may not have existed.

The sensory dimension of memory and its potential to bridge individual and collective experiences.

A film about remembering another film, often incorrectly.