in Frieze Seoul | 21 AUG 23


A film that explores the geological timeframe of digital devices past their intended shelf life.

in Frieze Seoul | 21 AUG 23

LEE Eunhee, HOT/STUCK/DEAD, 2021, single-channel video, color, sound, 20 min 43 sec

LEE Eunhee,
Machines Don’t Die*, 2022, single-channel video, color, sound, 20 min 4 sec

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LEE Eunhee has been exploring the structural properties of humans and technologies that mediate bodies and labor. The cycles of production, consumption, disposal and reproduction in the relationship between the easily encountered digital objects and economic structures focus on the materiality of the mediating process of screens and images. Frieze Film brings together two films previously presented separately, Hot/Stuck/Dead (2021) and Machines Don’t Die (2022), to explore the geological timeframe of the dismantling of digital devices past their assigned shelf life. The two films visualize as a narrative of excavation the relationship between screen and image through the interlocking of noise and image, as well as the efficacy and technological mechanisms that are dislodged from the economic structure of the capital market at the same time as the expiration of the product.

*Machines Don’t Die is only available to view on site at the exhibition venue BOAN1942.

About the artist 

LEE Eunhee creates experimental videos and documentary films which explore the relation between individual, image and technology in a social context. Technology is not only a product of science, but a complex compound of different political and economic interests. The practice of observing these phenomena is an ongoing attempt to understand the strange and absurd world we live in.