in Frieze Seoul | 21 AUG 23

HAN Uri: Bertinker

A mythical “insect constellation” prompts a discussion on technological extinction and the boundaries of reality.

in Frieze Seoul | 21 AUG 23

HAN Uri, Bertinker, 2022, 16mm film transferred to video, color, sound, stainless steel, 7 min 30 sec. All rights reserved by the artist.  

HAN Uri’s experiments with analog narratives are realized in the form of storytelling, with sound and image on top of the cycle of a particular time and a sense of rawness generated from within the object. Bertinker (2022) begins with the real but lost myth of an insect constellation called 'Musca', the only one of its kind in Uranometria, a star map created by German celestial cartographer Johann Bayer. In doing so, the artist presents a real-life subject accompanied by a physical object that may soon disappear, to offer a new perspective on the boundary between fiction and reality. For example, Han’s image collages, deconstructed from the flow of the scenario, are composed of prints and drawings on 16mm film, summoning the physical external conditions that are played through a projector. In this edition of Frieze Film, a digitally screened version of the work is presented, where the restrictive conditions are erased by projecting the digitally scanned film on to smooth industrial materials. 

About the artist 

HAN Uri works across the mediums of film, writing and installation to explore the world of objects that have become obsolete, delving into the various ways we perceive things. With her artistic interest in the relationships between image and language, her practice lies somewhere between the old and the new, the inside and the outside, and fiction and non-fiction, bringing new perspectives to our everyday life.