Frieze Masters 2017

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The Met’s Luke Syson talks at Frieze Masters about the display of artworks

Reflections on the second Curators Programme at Frieze Masters 2017

Malcolm Morley on soldiers, style and painting Jasper Johns

The Samdani Art Foundation Curator salutes Lynda Benglis and Roberto Burle-Marx, whose work appears at Frieze Masters

BY Diana Campbell Betancourt |

The shows, talks and performances continue for the third day of Frieze London and Frieze Masters

Various Small Fires’ ‘timely and conceptual’ presentation of The Harrisons recieves Stand Prize in the Focus section of Frieze London

The artists, curators and dealers proving that passion for historical art is far from a thing of the past

BY Matthew McLean |

From the Connaught to Camden Arts Centre to the best coffee, explore the city with Hussein Chalayan MBE

Xavier Bray, a member of the Frieze Masters vetting committee, reveals how a vetter looks at a work of art

Founder of Ariadne Galleries, Torkom Demirjian, explains how a rare Cycladic idol at Frieze Masters this week ‘bridges the gap between ancient and modern’

A late Barbara Hepworth bronze on show at Frieze Masters shows the artist reconnecting with her early career, as Richard Green's Tamara Green explains

Ahead of speaking at Frieze this week, Désiré Feuerle reflects on the art of juxtaposition, the role of intution and supporting tranquility

BY Désiré Feuerle |

Will Elliott of Colnaghi reveals the stormy history of an exquisite French portrait going on view this week at Frieze Masters

At Frieze Masters, a special glimpse into Sir Peter Blake's studio - and a chance to hear from the artist himself

BY Robin Brown |

From Zero to the art of 1968, what the Museo Jumex's Chief Curator is excited to see at Frieze Masters next week

BY Julieta González |

Artist Sarah Jones responds to Frieze Sculpture in a specially commissioned project

BY Sarah Jones |

The curators, whose 'Ways of Seeing' exhibition is on view at Villa Empain, discuss the stories they'll be exploring at Frieze Masters 2017

A revelatory exhibition cements a rising appreciation of African American art

BY Pernilla Holmes |

Curated presentations of extraordinary artworks and objects, spanning thousands of years

Solo presentations by 20th-century pioneers