Frieze Viewing Room

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The acclaimed American designer shares her top picks from the Frieze Los Angeles 2022 edition, including sculpture by Simone Fattal and painting by Bram Bogart

15 FEB 22

The founder of Yatzer online design magazine selects works by Eliza Douglas, Olafur Eliasson, Nora Turato, Xu Zhen and Matt Paweski from the Frieze Los Angeles 2022 edition

14 FEB 22

Browse exhibitions by i8 Gallery, DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM and Allied Editions on our digital platform

04 NOV 21

From rare Indian and Islamic ancient art to photographic portraits by Mauro Restiffe and works by Neïl Beloufa

16 OCT 21

Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters, gives a tour of the fair on Frieze Viewing Room

13 OCT 21

Digital talks, screenings and highlights from Frieze New York's programming

07 MAY 21

Discover and collect artworks supporting the Vision & Justice Project and other social justice organizations

07 MAY 21

From watercolours on paper to ceramic sculptures, discover and collect affordable contemporary art on Frieze Viewing Room

05 MAY 21

Announcing a new location for New York's premier art fair, opening May 5-9, 2021

28 OCT 20

Victoria Siddall, Global Director of Frieze Fairs and Claudio de Sanctis, Head of the International Private Bank and CEO EMEA, Deutsche Bank, welcome you to the second edition of Frieze Viewing Room.

01 OCT 20

Watch the artist in conversation with Ken Roth (Human Rights Watch) about art and activism

15 MAY 20

The artist talks to the Broad curator about dreams and politics, parallels between contemporary America and her native Iran, and how the Corona virus epidemic is creating a universal human experience

15 MAY 20

Curator Julie Rodrigues Widholm talks to the artist Alice Tippit, presenting in the Chicago Tribute section for Frieze Viewing Room

15 MAY 20

A highlight of the online VIP program for Frieze Viewing Room

15 MAY 20

The artist, featuring in the Diálogos section on Frieze Viewing Room, talks to El Museo's curator Susanna V Temkin

15 MAY 20

Artist Tom Pope talks to Matthew McLean (Senior Editor, Frieze Studios) about his new performance video ‘Art Workout’ in this live stream originally aired on 13 May 2020

15 MAY 20

More than 200 galleries present major works by established and emerging artists in a virtual gallery space as part of the Frieze New York edition

11 MAY 20

The curator talks through her highlights from Frieze Viewing Room's section for emering galleries and artists

11 MAY 20