Geeta Dayal

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The iconic filmmaker’s influence was felt across the length and breadth of New York in the 1960s

‘In our current catastrophic political climate, we need Fisher more than ever before’

BY Geeta Dayal | 30 JAN 19

‘That moment, that smile’: collaborators of the filmmaker pay tribute to a force in California's film and music scenes and a vital friend and ally

BY Geeta Dayal | 12 FEB 18

Geeta Dayal looks back on the life of US composer Pauline Oliveros, including reflections from, amongst others, Terry Riley and Morton Subotnick

BY Geeta Dayal | 03 DEC 16

Legendary composer Phill Niblock talks about his way into music, the forming of Experimental Intermedia and working with video

BY Geeta Dayal | 23 AUG 16

The experimental filmmaker and musician has died, aged 76

BY Geeta Dayal | 12 APR 16

The first mainstream R&B star to come out instead of remaining a question mark has initiated an honest discussion, but there is still some distance to go

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 NOV 12

MIT List Visual Arts Center

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 JUN 11

A handful of recent DJ mixes and online experiments point the way to a more communal form of listening

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 JUN 10

Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, USA

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 JUN 10