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The iconic filmmaker’s influence was felt across the length and breadth of New York in the 1960s

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 FEB 19
Fan Letter

‘In our current catastrophic political climate, we need Fisher more than ever before’

BY Geeta Dayal | 30 JAN 19

‘That moment, that smile’: collaborators of the filmmaker pay tribute to a force in California's film and music scenes and a vital friend and ally

BY Geeta Dayal | 12 FEB 18

Geeta Dayal looks back on the life of US composer Pauline Oliveros, including reflections from, amongst others, Terry Riley and Morton Subotnick

BY Geeta Dayal | 03 DEC 16

Legendary composer Phill Niblock talks about his way into music, the forming of Experimental Intermedia and working with video

BY Geeta Dayal | 23 AUG 16

The experimental filmmaker and musician has died, aged 76

BY Geeta Dayal | 12 APR 16

The first mainstream R&B star to come out instead of remaining a question mark has initiated an honest discussion, but there is still some distance to go

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 NOV 12

MIT List Visual Arts Center

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 JUN 11

A handful of recent DJ mixes and online experiments point the way to a more communal form of listening

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 JUN 10

Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, USA

BY Geeta Dayal | 01 JUN 10