Hales Gallery

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The Petticoat Lane gallery won the Focus Stand Prize at Frieze London 2023. As it takes part in Condo London 2024, its co-founder picks his local highlights

BY Chris Waywell |

The artist discusses his found-image collection and the mutating, collaborative motifs it inspires within his practice

BY Ivana Cholakova AND Anthony Cudahy |

In two shows at Goldsmiths CCA and Hales Gallery, London, Nilsson furthers her life-long alchemization of objects and limbs 

BY Philomena Epps |

The Brooklyn Museum acquires a major work by Virginia Jaramillo from Frieze New York

Kate Macgarry & Hales, London, UK

BY Charlie Fox |

Frank Bowling talks about improvisation, ‘poured painting’ and getting advice from Clement Greenberg

BY Courtney J. Martin |

Hales Gallery, London, UK

BY Martin Herbert |