Heimo Zobernig

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Tate announce new curators, Heimo Zobernig and Edgar Arcenaux receive awards and a Palestinian artist is sentenced to death

25 NOV 15

Generali Foundation

BY Bettina Brunner | 01 MAY 11

Heimo Zobernig talks to Kirsty Bell about his sculptures, paintings and videos from the early 1980s to the present  and about red light, mannequins and Oswald Wiener’s literary sources

BY Kirsty Bell | 27 APR 11

Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Nacionalna Galerija, Center for Cultural Decontamination & Public Space, Belgrade, Serbia

BY Nicole Scheyerer | 09 SEP 08

MUMOK, Vienna, Austria

BY Dominic Eichler | 06 MAY 03