Issue 241

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The artist discusses how his sculptural practice is grounded in the invisible with long-time friend and collaborator LeRonn P. Brooks

BY Nari Ward AND LeRonn P. Brooks |

A personal response to the influential artist and performer ahead of his homecoming retrospective and residency in Manchester 

BY Sean Burns |

A new film sees the director pursing the Huawei controversy and the potential ‘threat’ of 5G technology

BY Jonathan Griffin AND Meredith Lackey |

A visit to the artist’s Copenhagen studio revealed an obsession with animals, objects and commodity fetishism

BY Jeppe Ugelvig |

Unidentifiable noises from the ocean floor beg the question, how do we name sounds we don’t fully understand?

BY Ella Finer |

The artist's otherworldly aquatic scenes maintain a mysterious and intriguing attraction

BY Rob Goyanes |

Her marine sculptures and installations envision the future from the bottom of the ocean

BY Eric Otieno Sumba |

As a major retrospective opens in London, we take a rearview of one of her most iconic works 


BY Philomena Epps |

The artist curates a party playlist that captures Times Bar's dynamic atmosphere

BY Max Pitegoff |

Poet Holly Pester interprets our invitation from the outer depths

BY Holly Pester |

As major shows open on both sides of the Atlantic, we examine the medium’s subversive relationship with gender 

BY Lauren Elkin |

At JOAN, Los Angeles, the artist grapples with perspectives on power and domination

BY Hande Sever |

An exhibition in Toyko sees the artist engage one of the earliest forms of photography to capture quiet, almost apparitional, landscapes

BY Nicholas Gamso |

At Casas Riegner, Bogotá, the artist fashions spaces for community and security

BY Jennifer Burris |

‘Cosmos Cinema’, the 14th Shanghai Biennale at Power Station of Art, explores economic exploitation and escapism during our current Cold War


BY Paul Han |