Margaret Salmon

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A series of audio works, commissioned by The Common Guild, explores the social impact of COVID-19, with contributions from Sulaïman Majali and Ashanti Harris among others

BY Chris Sharratt | 14 SEP 20

The artist’s new film explores unprecedented levels of intimacy and empathy with its subjects

BY Eliel Jones | 22 FEB 19

From ‘Sesame Street’ to Barbara Kopple’s Harlan County USA, the Glasgow-based artist recalls the TV and films that have influenced her

BY Margaret Salmon | 11 AUG 18

In the artists’ film strand, Margaret Salmon, Basma Alsharif and Martine Syms showed a strong emphasis on people, place and storytelling

BY Chris Sharratt | 12 MAR 18

STORE, London, UK

BY Bettina Brunner | 01 NOV 08