Medieval Art

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A collection of Medieval bestiary books go on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

BY Frieze News Desk | 02 JUL 19

How the medieval chess piece reminds us of a time before modern maps

BY Figgy Guyver | 10 JUN 19

Flecks of rare blue pigment found in a skeleton show women were also skilled manuscript painters 900 years ago

10 JAN 19

From Antiquity to the present day, women have been crucial in shaping taste, building collections and supporting artists

BY Sheryl E. Reiss | 22 AUG 18

The first public exhibition of a 15th-century altar-hanging prompts the question: who made it?

BY Mimi Chu | 08 AUG 18

How the display of art in previous centuries can help us rethink the exhibition industry

BY Alexander Nagel | 30 SEP 13