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The curator of Chaimowicz's exhibition at WIELS pays tribute to the late artist, who saw domestic space as haven and inspiration

BY Zoë Gray |

Edna Bonhomme pays tribute to the polymath artist whose legacy goes beyond her contributions to Black Arts Movement

BY Edna Bonhomme |

Writers and friends pay tribute to the prolific writer, poet and filmmaker

Curators, peers and former colleagues pay tribute to ‘the friendliest Black artist in America’

Artists and writers remember ‘the people’s poet’, whose prolific career foregrounded the power of the pen in engaging meaningful social commentary

The curator of the late artist’s first exhibition in Greece remembers their friendship

BY Dimitrios Antonitsis |

Jarett Kobek reflects on his relationship with the late cult filmmaker and Hollywood Babylon author

BY Jarett Kobek |

Author Nick Blackburn on the sudden loss of the British drag icon and gay rights activist

BY Nick Blackburn |

The British sculptor who raised the humble to the monumental is honoured by former students and colleagues

Looking back on the pioneering artist, curator and media theorist’s life and career

BY Ben Livne Weitzman |

Michael Costiff, John Foley, Pam Hogg and Princess Julia pay tribute to the pioneering fashion designer and activist

Alexander Provan pays tribute to the polymathic artist, critic, novelist and television presenter and his alter egos

BY Alexander Provan |

Stefan Kalmár shares his recollections of the artist in this personal ode to their friendship

BY Stefan Kalmár |

Will Fenstermaker looks back on the acclaimed critic’s life and career

BY Will Fenstermaker |

Agata Pyzik on the life and work of the fearless feminist artist

BY Agata Pyzik |

How collaboration and constant experimentation defined the late fashion designer’s remarkable career

BY Sophie Tolhurst |

Carlos Kong reflects on the late curator’s poetry of the public domain

BY Carlos Kong |

Randy Kennedy recalls meeting the seminal pop artist and how his outsize sculptures injected wit and whimsy into the everyday

BY Randy Kennedy |

The late artist and writer radically reconceived the relationship between art, artist and audience.

BY Asad Raza |

Nick Earhart remembers his former professor and acclaimed experimental composer, Alvin Lucier

BY Nick Earhart |