Regen Projects

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From a retrospective of Josh Kline in New York to the ‘Made in LA’ biennial, here are the best stateside exhibitions of the year

BY Lisa Yin Zhang |

From Tetsuya Ishida’s disaffected oil paintings at Gagosian, New York, to Ato Ribeiro’s wooden weavings at Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta

BY frieze |

At Regen Projects, Los Angeles, the artist’s multi-media works explore the similarities between entertainment and state oppression

BY Claudia Ross |

The founder of Regen Projects discusses her ambitous gallery program and why Los Angeles is a unique art capital

An exhibition at Regen Projects, Los Angeles, sheds new light on colonialist patterns and projections 

BY Jonathan Griffin |

Jennifer Piejko's guide to the best current shows in LA

BY Jennifer Piejko |

Regen Projects, Los Angeles, UK

BY Chris Wiley |

What am I looking forward to in 2009?

BY Sean Landers |

Regen Projects, Los Angeles, USA

BY Christopher Bedford |