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‘Metaphorically, wearing an eye mask bids farewell to this desire to know, instead, one must rely on something unknown’

01 FEB 19

The Polish artist discusses the spirit behind Eileen Agar’s Cleopatra which sits atop a pile of National Geographic magazines in her studio

04 JAN 19

‘Maybe speaking about it will free me, and maybe this means I can get rid of it’

14 DEC 18

The first pin I got was ‘Keep the Faith Baby’ – those words were probably the first I read on my own, long before I understood them

30 NOV 18

The Throbbing Gristle member and multimedia artist discusses a beloved instrument which has become a lifelong companion

16 NOV 18

‘It was the end of glam rock; everyone was moving on’: the co-founder of the Pet Shop Boys reflects on a Bryan Ferry poster he saw in 1974

02 NOV 18

The Creative Director of Moschino discusses a much-loved beret designed by Judy Blame

19 OCT 18

Eight influential artists, including Jarvis Cocker, Neil Tennant and Cosey Fanni Tutti, select a single object of special significance

18 OCT 18